Privacy Policy

ThreePro Group (hereafter 3PRO) believes that it is the group's social responsibility to handle all personal information acquired in the process of our business operation under our Corporate Vision. We have established and comprehensively implemented the following Privacy Policy as a code of conduct for all our employees.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information is the Identity Data that includes names, contact information, and demographic data such as gender or date of birth.

Rules on acquisition and utilization
  • Personal information acquisition using legal and fair means to obtain the consent of the individual.
  • We will notify and/or disclose the purpose of such personal information to a subjected individual and will not use it beyond the disclosed purpose except as permitted by law.
  • When consigning the handling of acquired information to third parties, we shall conduct rigorous investigations of the third parties concerned based on our consignee selection standards, and in addition to concluding a nondisclosure agreement, we shall conduct appropriate supervision.

Compliance with laws and regulations – JIS Q 15001

3PRO handles personal information in accordance with our personal information management system, which complies with private information protection laws and JISQ15001:2006 Personal Information Protection Management System requirements.

Management and improvement of Personal Information Protection

Private information shall be maintained within the upmost security and constantly review the system based on periodic report, audits, and other resource.

Inquiries, grievances and requests for disclosure

For inquiries or grievances concerning relevant personal information, or requests for disclosure, amendment, deletion, suspension of usage, etc., please contact